Cyberbullying is a very REAL problem in our world.

Explore this page to develop your understanding of

– what is Cyberbullying?

– what you can do to keep yourself safe when using communication technologies

– what you should do and who you can talk to if you experience Cyberbullying.


After viewing the resources below we created out own posters about Cybersaftey through the iPad app ‘Phoster’.

Cybersafety Posters on PhotoPeach

My Online Neighbourhood

If things don’t feel ‘right’ they usually aren’t!


Meet the Jones family, a pretty average family who enjoy everything the internet has to offer. Follow their adventures as they battle some of the elements of the internet.

Click on the link below to respond to the quiz about Cybersafety. How Cybersmart are you?

How Cybersmart are you?”




Click on the link below to find out about the importance of cyber safety. Share ways that you can be safe online.



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