About Megan Williams

Grade 3/4 Teacher St Kevin's Primary School Hampton Park

Family Week

aaaaaOver the course of the week you will have the opportunity to work with your family on one or more of the following activities.

– In family week schools contribute to raising money for Catholic Care. Discuss the ways families benefit from this fundraising. FOLLOW THIS LINK www.ccam.org.au
– Look at the image above. What does the Catholic Care image tell us about FAMILY WEEK?
– What is the message about giving in the rainbow with its sunburst colours?
– How do the Catholic Church and other religions teach the message of generous giving?

Web 2.0 Tools -Prezi

WEB 2.0

We have been exploring new ways of reflecting on and presenting our learning. Part of this process allowed us to explore the Web 2.0 Platform ‘Prezi’.

On your own blog, embed your completed Prezi and answer the following reflective questions:

How does this platform change the way I can present my work to others?

Is this a more effective type of presentation? Why or why not?

How does this improve the way you learn?


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