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  1. Sarahc
    I liked the snake because it has a really effective skin & I like the slogan wash for wildlife also you can find out the habitats about australian animals
    From Sarahc

    We went to see a lot of Australian animals ,,,but i think the one that interested me most was the lizard in shing armour ,,, I thought it was important to learn about lizards and how they move all the colours they come in and how they grow . I gave ita pat ,,, I think giving some animal with an expert is good , because you get a better experience on what things feel like ,,, and it is also handy to page them to know how to handle all these animals when you are older ,,,, and maybe even alone.most of the animals we saw ,,, I had no idea what the yep were because they had such long names like …Eastern barred bandicoot , a Phasmid e.c.t …. We also learned about some slogans and one that I really liked was , wipe or wash for wildlife . And that slogan was to actually do that to help the animals in danger . I also learned that it is about having a first try at something.

  3. Did you know that a leadbeater possums are Victorias National animal and are also endangered and the scientists are trying to find them again.
    I also learnt that a Masked Avenger is also endangered.

  4. I think the purpose for this excursion was to learn more about some Australian animals habitats and Eco systems.
    The reason why the kangaroo and emu is on the Australian emblem picture is because Australia is always trying to get better and better and the emu and kangaroo are the only Australian animals that can’t walk backwards.

  5. Hi ms Williams
    I had a great experience at Healesville sanctuary I have learnt alot like the animal symbol of Victoria ledg beater possum and it’s also a in dangerds anima it was a fun and exiting expirience.

  6. I learnt about Australian animals at Healsville sanctuary.
    Did you know that the kangaroo and the emu are the the coat of Australia and the coat of arms for Victoria is the lead beater possum, this animal is endangered, we can save this animal by not cutting down there habitats.

  7. I think it was a great idea to go to Healesville sanctuary because we are be going to learn about Eco systems and life cycles. I found out that the Mount Pygmy Possum was nearly going to be extinced but then they found some in the snow at Mount Buller. Did you know that the Emu and The Kangaroo is the coat of arms for Australia. Also did you know Kangaroos and Emu can’t walk backwards they can only walk forward.

  8. At the excursion to Healesville Sanctuary I learnt about animals that are endangered and learnt about the animals ecosystems.

  9. On Thursday the 14th of August 3\4 MW went to healesville sanctuary. I thought the bird show was really interesting we’re they taught us every birds ability one of the eagles could break an emu egg with a rock, humans need a hammer or something strong to break one.

    I learnt about the slogans about helping animals like wash for wildlife wipe for wild life and be smart use tap.

    I also learnt about the the helmeted honey eaters which are almost extincted they drink nector and lived in the trees and ate from flowers.

  10. Dear Ms Williams,
    Healesville Sanctuary was a really interesting place. I discovered about different types of animals that are herbivores, carnivores and omivoes.
    I learnt that some animals sleep in the day and then they wake up at night.

    The second thing that I learnt that is some animals wake up in the summer and spring but they do sleep in the autumn and in the cold winter.

    I know a fact about a koala when female koalas get their babies the mother koala snuggles it because then the baby can be warm.

    From Dunil

  11. Hi Ms Williams,

    It’s was a great time I learned lots of new Aussie animals that I never knew like that the leadbeeter was Victorias official native animal and that there is a snake that’s 10m long.

    It was sad to see a very small baby possum but it was good to see it looked a bit like a T-REX

    It was great fun!

  12. I like the mother koala keeping the baby koala safe it was cute and the mount Pygmy possum was cool because it was spiky. I like when Alan was feeding the peacock it was the BEST EXCURSION EVER!!!

  13. Hi Ms Williams,

    I had lots of fun at Healsville Sanctuary yesterday. Some of the animals there had interesting names. It was really funny how the Emu ate its food.
    I never knew that Leadbeater Possums, Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Thylacoleos were endangered animals. I loved the bird show because it was just amazing. I learned that female Kangaroos can carry 3 joeys in their pouch.

  14. Healesville

    At healesville we discovered how animals move and if they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. We also learned about what Derwin the snake
    eats, what he does and what type of snake he is.

    I wonder how the crocs have the strongest jaws?.
    I also wonder why marsupials are the only animals that have pouches?.

  15. I really like our excursion to healesville sanctuary.We saw endangered animals like the eastern bard bandicoot ,fairy poussum. We watched the sprit of the sky show in the show we got to a wage tail eagle.We also saw animals like the koalas ,emus,echidna ,shingle back lizard and etc.We also heard some solgans like wipe for wildlife or wash for wildlife. We also saw some ecosystem like the river bed.

  16. Mishal
    The excursion will help me on the information reports we will be doing and will help me with life cycles. The Mount Pygmy possum is an endangered animal. I got to touch a shingle back lizard, bearded dragon and a snake. The snake I touched was only 5 years old but it was still very long. When we arrived I saw the koalas sleeping. Some ecosystem I saw was a creek filled with fresh water that any animal or human could drink and the dessert were the dingos were hiding.I think why we went to Healesville Sanctuary is because we could learn new things and see many Australian animals. I also learned why the kangaroo and the emu are on the Australian coat of arms. Because the kangaroo and the emu are animals that can’t walk back and Australia is a country that can move forwards that why the kangaroo and the emu are on the coat of are arms. I wonder how many bones a koala has.

  17. We went to Healesville Sanctuary because the children can learn about them.
    We saw lots of Australian animals and learned on them.
    The kangaroo and Emus are the Australian animals because they can’t walk backwards.
    The lead Beaters possum is the animal for Victoria.
    The Lead Beaters possum are endangered and Healesville sanctuary is trying to save the Lead Beaters possum.

  18. At the excursion I enjoyed most of the stuff including the slogans e.g. Wash for wildlife, Wipe for wildlife, Be smart choose tap, I like the gum leaves scent, Kangaroo and emus are the only animals that can walk backwards.

  19. At the excursion i learnt about animals that eat plants,meat.I learnt the Astralian animals that is koala,emu,echidna,kangaroo,brolga,megalania,plaops,shingle back,the big squeeze,thyacle.I learnt about endangered animals tha is Eastern barred bandioot,lead beater possem, By Alan Thomas

  20. That is a good fact Tristan ,,,
    Because lots of people do not know that and now people are getting a bit more of experience .

  21. Hi Ms Williams this is Chantelle speaking

    I learnt that the kangaroo and the emu is in the Australia emblem picture is because Australia is always trying to get better and the emu and the kangaroo are the only Australian animals that can’t walk backwards.

    I also learnt that kangaroos can hold 3 joeys in its pouch at a time and the koala sleeps in the night and sometimes in the day and eats in the night and eats in the day and the poster was called WILD FOR WILDLIFE and It made me think that all the animals from HEALSVILLE SANCTUARY was all a pet that got hurt and that got saved from the people from the place and I really in joyed going there and I hades lots and lots of FUN!!!


  22. Sarahc
    Natasha I really loved your comment because you put caps lock words and it’s very very interesting and long & I liked the part when you wrote but I think the one I was interested the most the the lizard and the shining amour.

  23. Dear Ms Williams I learnt that mount pygmy possum live under rock’s and they look like mice and rat’s but they are possum’s the people that looks after them have to put it in the fridge because they have to stay in cold wether.I liked healesville sanctuary


  24. Dear Tobith,
    I liked how you said your discovery with lots of detail, because when you wrote about lots of information I like when you pay attention to Ms Williams so that you can stay tune of what she says.

    From your friend Dunil

  25. Dear Jericho,
    Today when we went to Healesville Sentuary I looked at you really carefully that you were listening. When I saw you doing your interesting facts and sentences you were doing really well with your work. Then when we walked again you were learning about herbivores, carnivores and also omnivores.
    Great job Jericho you have listened really well!!!!!

    From Dunil

  26. Dear Hari,
    On the Excursion there were really fantastic slogans about our art work. Your work was so good and that you put it in lots of detail. So thank you for being stay tuned on the Excursion.
    Well Done Hari
    From Dunil

  27. Dear Daniel,
    I hope that you had fun on the Excursion with all of us. I think you learned really well and concentrating about your work. You had good experience.

    From Dunil

  28. Dear Alan,
    Did you had fun at that Excursion? I hope you did because it wars really fun and so important because when we get older we have to start learning about different types of animals. I liked how you written your comment to us.

    From Dunil

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