Family Week

aaaaaOver the course of the week you will have the opportunity to work with your family on one or more of the following activities.

– In family week schools contribute to raising money for Catholic Care. Discuss the ways families benefit from this fundraising. FOLLOW THIS LINK
– Look at the image above. What does the Catholic Care image tell us about FAMILY WEEK?
– What is the message about giving in the rainbow with its sunburst colours?
– How do the Catholic Church and other religions teach the message of generous giving?

3 thoughts on “Family Week

  1. Hi ms williams,

    My mum and I did the the family week work we did design a poster that shows it takes a village to raise a child, do we have to bring the artwork to school?

    • Thats great Daniel. I hope you enjoyed doing the task together. Yes please bring the poster to school.

  2. Hi Ms Williams,

    Me and my sister illustrated a picture of our family enjoying a meal together. In the picture we are talking and making a conversation about things that we did today.

    I also hope that all the mothers had a great mothers day!!!

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