7 thoughts on “Welcome to Grade 3/4MW

  1. The blog is looking great Mrs.Zanelli, now that it is up and running. I love the background with the cartoon owls!
    I just found a card that I made for you ages ago. I will have to show you soon.


  2. Wow! Mrs. Zanelli! What a great blog! I love the whole ‘owl’ theme! It looks great. Have you seen my blog before? If you look at it, it still has all of the personal learning on it from last year (I did my project on Thailand)

    The adress is: http://bronteo.global2.vic.edu.au/

    From Bronte! 🙂

    • Hi JR that is awesome news. I know you’ll be very organised and complete your role with enthusiasm and pride. I’ m so proud of you.
      Xxx Ms W

  3. Hi Ms Williams,
    Hope you and your class have a great year, I
    got School Captain and have been really busy
    doing jobs around the school! It has been fun so
    far! Have a great year!

    • Maddy congratulations that is wonderful news I’m so pleased for you I think you’ ll rise to the challenge and be a terrific captain. Xxx Ms W

  4. Dear Ms Williams,
    I hope this year in 3/4MW the students will get better on their education so be ready to learn new things. I really miss you Ms Williams but I am still going to have fun with Miss Rowlands and Mrs Schendel. My big brother is on Year 8 I am in Year 4 and my little brother s 2 and a half years old because this year he is turning 3 years old so ai am really excited about that. Have a safe time and enjoy 2015.

    From Dunil

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