7 thoughts on “Abbott and Costello – Maths the hard way!

  1. I really like this Youtube Video! It was very funny.

    P.S: In the blogging homework (Writing about Flabiana and Caritas Australia, Week 6 05/03/2012) I could only blog my comment on Mrs.P’s blog, because I couldn’t find the post on your blog.

    Have you posted the post on Flabiana and Caritas Australia?

    • Hi bronte, I’m glad you liked the video. Thanks for your comment about the Flabian post. We are having some technical issues trying to upload the clip to my blog. thank you for being smart and taking the initiative to blog on Mrs P’s site. Well done. xMrs Z

  2. I love this clip! It certainly shows inventive maths to say the least! I wonder if the 5/6 children know who the famous actors are that take on the roles of student and teacher in this clip? Another of their famous ‘skits’ is ‘Who’s on First’. I recommend that one for a laugh!

  3. Great video! Funny.

    P.S I haven’t had time to do the fifteen minutes of mathletics each night so my sister and myself created a homework task for me,
    (We used my homework book, for the other homework tasks from the past and did something like that.)

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